Odora Cosmetics is a private company purely active in manufacturing personal care products with unconditional customer satisfaction code and the aim to offer high quality products in a reasonably affordable price range. Governed by an internationally experienced management team, including members with a background as strategist in cosmetics sector; Odora acts as a global player and provides a wide range of all made-in France perfumery products to a variety of cultures in many different zones.

Odora Cosmetics launches personal care products not only with innovative designs and odors but also with nostalgic feeling, functioning as a sensual bridge between generations. Concordantly, Odora’s customs of trade are originated from its owners’ ethic values gained through long ages, while utilizing latest technology in production facilities to provide best results possible,

Besides from sectoral and financial targets, Odora shows utmost attention to the society and the planet we live in. Respecting and caring for both life and nature; Odora makes sure to fulfill its corporate responsibilities and acts in all matters so as not to disturb its business partners’ and users’ inner peace.


To offer high quality perfumery products in a reasonably affordable price range, make people feel better by appealing to their needs, desires and cultures.


To become a well-known worldwide cosmetics company for providing creative and heart touching perfumery products to everyone along with pleasing and safe feeling user experience.